JoBeth and Tombo met through mutual friends at the Abbeville, South Carolina, Debutante Ball in the Winter of 2001. Although they would not see each other again until the Summer of 2003, neither one forgot about the other.  Tombo and JoBeth met again before Tombo was to start law school, and JoBeth was to finish her senior year, both at the University of South Carolina. The two developed a wonderful friendship over the next year. Before she knew it, JoBeth enrolled in the USC law school the next fall. They started dating soon thereafter, and knew very quickly that each had found "the one!"

Tombo graduated in May of 2006 and moved to his hometown of Abbeville to practice law at his family's law firm. JoBeth was finishing up her last year of school, and each Friday, after class, JoBeth would drive to Abbeville to see Tombo and attend the Friday night high school football game. One Friday, as JoBeth was driving from Columbia to Abbeville, Tombo had bigger things in store than a win for the Abbeville High School Panthers. As JoBeth was driving through the small town of Kinards, she noticed a sign to her left that said in bold red letters "JOBETH." Knowing something was going on, she anxiously kept driving, and noticed 10 more signs that eventually spelled out... "JOBETH, JOBETH STEPHENS, WILL YOU LOOK LEFT, LOOK TO THE LEFT." Upon approaching the last sign, JoBeth was directly in front of the country church where she was later to be married. Sure enough, there was Tombo on the steps, holding a dozen red roses. JoBeth pulled up to the church as quickly as possible, and screamed "YES" before Tombo could say a word. Tombo eventually was able to propose, and then he led her into the Church to say a prayer for the two of them, as they started their journey together.

Tombo and JoBeth left the church and returned to his house to prepare for the football game. When they arrived, JoBeth saw a high banner on his porch, reading "Congratulations JoBeth and Tombo!" Tombo had invited JoBeth's aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins to help them celebrate their new life together.

Eight months later, in Abbeville, Tombo and JoBeth were married on the steps of a beautiful plantantion home. The day was perfect, and they were both so thankful to say "I do" in front of so many wonderful friends and family.
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