From the first time they met, Jean Ann and Steven knew they shared a love of football. Jean Ann and Steven, both University of Georgia alumni, met at a tailgate party for a Georgia football game. They instantly hit it off, and their courtship blossomed through the Georgia football season.

It wasn't long before Jean Ann and Steven knew they wanted to spend their lives together. As Christmas approached, Jean Ann suspected Steven was ready to propose, and concluded that he would ask her to marry him while they were celebrating the holidays with their families. To her immense disappointment, Steven celebrated Christmas without mentioning their future even once.

The next day, Steven visited Jean Ann at her apartment and presented her with a stocking. Jean Ann was upset that Steven had not proposed as anticipated, and refused to look in the stocking until she finished her household chores. Later, when she took her gifts out of the stocking, she found her Christmas engagement ring.

Jean Ann and Steven were so excited about getting married that they decided to have the wedding a mere six months later. This was quite a feat, given that the couple dreamed of a large, traditional wedding. Though it was a lot of work, the wedding proved to be worth it. The couple both felt that the ceremony was beautiful, and their reception at the Marietta Country Club was even better. Afterwards, everyone agreed that Jean Ann and Steven had successfully begun their marriage by throwing a great party for their friends and family.
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