Julie and Richard began as high school sweethearts who lost touch during college. Ten years later, they met again at their high school reunion and renewed their romance. In the intervening years, both had started careers, and the couple had to work hard to see each other because Richard lived in Athens, while Julie was in Marietta.

For the first year they dated, Julie and Richard took turns visiting each other on the weekends. As they became more serious, the couple found that they could no longer progress while living in different cities. Richard ultimately solved the problem by finding a new job in Atlanta. With Julie's help, Richard found a house on the Perimeter and prepared to move.

On moving day, Julie and Richard worked hard to unpack Richard's belongings. After hours of labor, Richard went out to his car for a final load. He returned with a picnic basket and a blanket, surprising Julie with a picnic dinner in his new house. After dinner, Richard took a pastry box from the basket and handed it to Julie, telling her it was a surprise dessert: her favorite flourless chocolate cake. Julie opened the box, and next to the cake was an engagement ring. When she looked up, Richard was waiting on his knees to propose.

Four months later, Julie and Richard were married in their hometown near Gainesville. The couple wanted to bring together everybody they cared about in a quiet, family oriented ceremony, so they had the wedding and reception in Julie's parents' backyard. It was too simple to be a traditional ceremony, but Julie and Richard thought that the focus on people was a better fit for their personality. To their delight, the whole town turned out to congratulate them in a celebration that both Julie and Richard will always remember.
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