Jason has two defining factors, "First, I'm a people person through and through. Second, I love to create compelling images. A wedding is a singular event in someone's life - it's a party, a celebration, and the joining of two lives together as one. To be a part of that momentous occasion is an honor, and one that I'm always grateful for."

Jason shoots only a select number of weddings each year, and always is careful to ensure that he is a good fit for the bride & the groom. "If you're not comfortable with me, it will show in your photographs - and the last thing I want is for you to look at your wedding pictures in 10 years and see the uneasiness on your face, and remember 'the photographer we didn't get along with'. But when we all click together, it's magical- and that's when the truly great photographs happen."

Jason has been shooting weddings for more than 5 years, after apprenticing for 3 years with a few great photographers. He also shoots for commercial and advertising clients.